About Us

The only products that we sell are those that are locally crafted. All jewelry pieces are my creations; made individually and uniquely with quality gem stones, beads, wire, tubing and clasps. I source all materials so you can be assured the only metals coming in contact with sensitive skin will be sterling or plated silver or plated gold. If there is an exception to this it will be noted.

Jewelry making began for me after receiving a pearl necklace from my grandmother during the last days of her life. She chose to give me the necklace not because it represented great material wealth, for that was not important to her and she had very little. Rather she gave it to me part in remembrance and in part to unlock the confidence, pride and beauty she saw within me. It was then I became determined that no matter how much or how little material wealth I might be blessed with, I would have a cherished piece to pass on to everyone I choose.

Today, jewelry making for me is both soothing and motivating. Soothing because I’m rewarded with satisfaction and a sense of wonder as I see the beauty of individual stones and beads coalesce with gold and silver; flowing from a mental concept to a unique creation reflective of my emotions and personality. Because I know that each piece I create will find someone to whom it speaks and on whom it will accentuate their confidence, pride and beauty, I am motivated to create another.